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Hasta La Vista…

Dear Social Media Friends,

some may have noticed, some not, that I have been very silent here. IT’s not that I don’t have ideas anymore to write. In summer I actually experienced a burn out that slowed me down with everything. All of a sudden when I couldn’t keep up with the pace the Lord showed me how noisy it has been around me and how I’ve numbed myself over a long period of time with all kinds of destractions. Social media had developed as one major noise in my life.

Now, I’m doing already ways better but I’m not done yet… so I’m taking a further step: a sabbatical, a break from Social Media. If you want to get in touch with me you will find a way to call me, write to me an E-mail or letter or you meet me at home. In this season of life I only want real personal contact with people. No group chats. Life has been too noisey and destracting. Let me get back to some chore roots, to breath, hear, see, taste, feel again in all the senses that life offers.

Will I still be writing? Yes, for sure, but I won’t be publishing for now.
Will I come back? I don’t know yet. The sabbatical, I believe, will show, which platform will be still relevant to me.

Life is too precious to just rush through it. My body is too valuable to just fill it with a bunch of information that my brain can’t process. People are meant for real community, to be seen and accepted in their full image and meant to experience real life in all its beauty, senses and forms.

Hasta la Vista, for now 珞

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– From traumatic to very beautiful

Since I keep hearing of traumatic birth experiences, I feel deeply on my heart to share my own experience because I found a way how delivery can be a very beautiful, faster, less painful/ more bearable experience. I believe every mother can prepare herself for a rather positive experience of delivery.

1st child: Josephine Okekeni

For my first delivery I thought, well when I visit a birth preperation course and follow all the instructions the midwife gives, then I will be prepared enough. So the day came when I woke up in the middle of the night with contractions. I looked at the clock to observe how often they were coming and as they became more regular and intense, we decided to drive to the hospital. On arrival, the doctor immediately examined me and told me that the Cervix was only 1 cm opened, that we still had a lot of time and we could even go home… But since we had just driven 30 minutes and feeling nervous (being our first child), we decided to stay. I was sooo nervous that my body tensed up making every contraction even the more painful and as a result delayed the opening of the Cervix. Thank God that I was the only prego in the Maternity ward on that day so atleast I could freely move around, which did not really helped me to relax, and this time felt like forever. I had to take some painkillers in between. At midnight there was a shift change for the midwives and the midwife assigned to me came in stressed and seeing how exhausted I had become, persuaded me to do a Peridural Anaesthesia (PDA) so that I could rest a bit and regain strength for delivery after a long day. I had to succumb to her persuasion even though I had no idea what that would mean. I had to sign a paper that if anything went wrong, it would be at my own risk. That was a bit scarry. But finally after I got the PDA, everything went well and I could sleep for about three hours. Then at sunrise – it was already 24 hours spent in the hospital. Another shift change brought in new sets of midwives. This time, a younger and very energetic midwife was assigned to me and also, my Cervix was wide opened. The Midwife helped to “break my water“ and this led to stronger contractions. Because of the PDA, my left leg was numb so that the Midwife had to hold it up to enable me push while lying in bed. The Midwife gave me several instructions so that at 11am, after 30 hours in the hospital, our wonderful baby girl Josephine Okekeni was born. We stayed for three more days in a family room together in the hospital before we were released to go home. It was a baby-friendly hospital, so they supported me a lot in breastfeeding and bonding as a family.


2nd child: Charlotte Okpunyi

When I started to prepare for the 2nd birth I noticed that the fear of delivery was stronger than the excitement for the baby. At the same time my midwife abandoned me when she didn’t have enough women for the birth preparation course – afterall for my good. So I had to find my own way, which felt in the beginning quite frustrating because I only had 6 more weeks before delivery and I felt so alone in this. But then I cried out to God and started browsing for resources that would help me to prepare well and finally, I found a very good book that a christian lady recommended on Youtube. This book is what I want to share with you now:

Book ‘Supernatural Childbirth’, by Jackie Mize

Authored by  Jackie Mize and called Supernatural Childbirth. It’s a book with a lot of positive testimonies of childbirth, some with mostly practically no labour pains. The last pages contain prayers and proclamations. The woman who recommended this  book also shows a video on how while she was on her way to the hospital was so full of life, positive, excited, and praising God. She documented how she experienced a very beautiful almost pain free delivery and that got me also very excited for my own. I started reading the book and kept thinking I had enough time to read all through.

My due date was the 25th of December and we had a very lovely family friend who blessed us with a date-night while she  babysitted our little daughter. We chose Friday the 9th of December so my husband and I could go to the cinema and afterwards to a greek restaurant. During the day I felt some light contractions but not like serious ones. While eating in the restaurant they got stronger and stronger but then I just joked about it saying what if we have to drive straight to the hospital after the date. Around 10:30 p.m. we made it home and chatted a bit with our babysitter. Josephine was sleeping by then and I noticed that the contractions were somehow getting more intensed. I decided to lay down to relax to see if the pain would reduce. We already sent the babysitter home but I told her please leave your phone on in case we need to call you back this night. After briefly lying in bed, I noticed that it was actually getting serious now. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach my friend again so my husband had to drive me to the hospital while our little daughter kept sleeping alone at home. At the hospital  the Midwife examined me immediately and seeing that my Cervix was already 7cm wide, she panicked also because she still had to fill in some paper works for me. At the same time she sent my husband home to take care of our daughter. Even though the Midwife was so stressed out, I was calmed and relaxed. After less than one hour, with some few pushs, our second girl was born, there was a litte labour pain, again in bed without any complications.


3rd child: Elyon Ocheri

For the 3rd child I wanted to have an even better experience. The third baby was as heavy as the first child and my experience was very beautiful, self determined, and fast without the need of much help.

I had already a good experience with the book. So this time I was totally positive about it, no fear left. The only challenge was what to do with our two kids at home. This time I came across an article about good labour positions, saying straight ones are the best and lying in bed is the most contradictive one, where the baby can’t flow well causing more pain. But this is a position that doctors encouraged since it gives them more overview and control. Through that new information I definitely wanted to try a different position. Briefly before delivery I also did some breath exercises with my midwife. This time I just used the book for prayer and some proclamations with the last pages which really helped. When the day came with contractions in the morning I prepared for hospital and made sure that the kids were ready for kindergarten. We also had informed some people (as a back-up plan) who could take care of our girls if it would happen at different times. I also imagined which times would be best and my biggest desire was that my mom would be there for the girls. On that particular morning when the contractions were getting stronger, I called my mum. She immediately confirmed that it’s happening and that she will take the next train to us. At this moment I realised that we had to make ready for the hospital. This time the pain was more in the back, which was very uncomfortable, especially sitting in the car. But most importantly we made it to the hospital on time. I had two midwifes who attented to me, cause I was considering a water birth. They hardly needed to help me. I followed my instinct. Mostly processed the labour on a mat with a gymnastic ball. And since I was very heated up, I hardly could hold my husband. But when one strong contraction came I had to grap his hands and the water broke in that glorious moment. The contractions intensified and I pushed about 3 or 4 times till the baby was out. This was the most beautiful delivery I ever experienced, so self-determined, with cheerful music in the background and so smooth. Even the midwifes thanked me afterwards  for allowing them the honor of witnessing such a beautiful childbirth.

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Where does racism start? – My own story

George Floyd’s brutal death has been a very obvious case of Racism and I am so glad that the world is uniting to take a stand against it and injustices of various magnitudes. But I wonder, if the world actually understands what Racism is, where it starts from and what it has caused us.

From my own experience of being married for 7 years to my black African husband, I have realised that there is a lot of premonitions on people’s minds regarding Race without them even knowing it.

Let me start with myself. In 2011, I was attending a Discipleship Training School (DTS) where I met Emmanuel, my husband. He was one of the co-Leaders of the school and in the beginning, I just respected him as my leader, we had a normal staff-student interaction. But when we went for the outreach phase of the program in different groups to different countries, it happened that he was the one to lead the group that I was in; Locations were France, Spain and Portugal. We started from Paris, the capital of France, a big city where we had to use the Metro alot. Though the Metro system in Paris can be quite confusing, I did expected that Emmanuel, being our leader should know how to get us from A to B. That’s what you expect from your leader, to know everything right?

One afternoon while we all stayed back at our hostel, Emmanuel went out alone and for a very long time he did not come back and we started to worry if all was well. At the end of the day he made it back safely, but told us that he got lost with the metro, and decided to take off the metro and walk instead, which took him definitely longer to trace his way back. With this incident, I started thinking “what kind of leader is that, who even can’t navigate the metro“. I gradually started to undermine him and soon enough we started having misunderstandings. With time, my heart was full with a lot of anger towards him, I didn’t like that and so I prayed to God, asking Him to please let me see him, how He sees him, let me have an understanding for him. On the next day, I felt I should seek a conversation with Emmanuel and I told him the things that offended me about him. We ended up talking for more than 3 hours, so that we almost missed the special Christmas dinner with our host family.

From that day on, something in my heart changed and our relationship got alot better, in fact we became very good friends, and even more, I fell in love with him. This ‘falling in love‘ brought a lot of confusion for me in the beginning, I was so surprised that I had feelings for him all of a sudden even when he was not necessarily my ideal type. I never really imagined dating a black man. I had a taste, yes, for these latin-american type of man, but not black? I found myself in an inner battle; in one hand I liked his character a lot and I could see a soul-mate in him, and on the other hand there were so many doubts, fears and prejudices regarding his nationality. I had little thoughts like Africans smell, they are poor – so he wouldn’t be able to provide, and then there were the cultural differences etc. I remembered as a young girl innocently asking my father what he would think, when I would marry an African later on as a grown up, he responded that this wouldn’t be a good idea because of the big cultural differences.

While getting to know Emmanuel more and more, I noticed that I had some prejudices against Africans that I was never really aware of. I was someone who really loved the nations and who always was curious about different cultures, I would not have thought I had so much junk in my head. I am so glad that I became aware of these prejudices so that I could start early to confront them.

To mention briefly, I got to understand that a great leader isn’t neccessarily one who can do all by herself or himself but, rather one who can mobilize and disciple others well, discovering and championing their gifts for the benefit of the group. That is exactly what Emmanuel did for us his students which, I got to deeply appreciate later on. And we eventually never got lost in our outreach. We had a native French amongst us and I was the Spanish/Portugese interpreter since I have been to both countries. And so as a Team combining our different strengths and experience, we did amazingly well.

Furthermore, I felt so priviledged that I could get to know and still getting to know this beautiful culture of my husband. In the meantime, I met so many lovely, intelligent, funny, talented and inspiring Africans, and I could even visit Nigeria twice, once for three months leading to our marriage and the second time for three weeks as a couple on missions. There are so many riches in this country Nigeria that I have also seen in many other African people. Indeed, that there is corruption and criminality, but believe me, people there suffer enough from their own system, most of them are victims of a very bad government. Innocent people like you and me.

The difference is “just” since they come from a so called “Third World“ nation we easily treat them like that – as Third class. As if they are not educated enough and we need to teach the illiterates. When they come to our western world we can easily accept them as refugees or low class workers, because they are coming from this poor, dirty and uneducated continent, right? Truth is, what the media portraits is not the full picture. Africa cannot be portrayed just for that. Just as much as Germany cannot be seen as descendance of Hitler having only strict laws, cold-hearted, but hard working people. There is always much more to explore. And yes, Germans may carry from their cultural values more honesty in general while Nigerians should be known for perseverance and positivity mentality just to mention a few. This does not make all Germans honest people or all Nigerians happy and strong. No! That is why, you can never reduce or generalise cultural values on individuals. 

I think most of Western people can be compassionate when it comes to helping the poor needy people in Africa. Which is great, but when it comes to giving an African a position or showing him/her respect based on their competency, I think a lot of people still struggle. Blacks have to be 300% better to be accepted for a position that their white counterpart only requires the normal 100%.

I hope and I pray, that through the awareness of these extreme unjust racial death cases God will change hearts. May there be no more death, may justice and righteousness grow in our heads, and in our hearts. May God transform us and help us to embrace every human being equally with their differences for God is a God of variety and there is so much we can learn from each other. Variety is the spice of life and before God we all have the same value.

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Hasen selbst nähen

Was du brauchst:
  • Filz DINA4
  • Nähgarn
  • Nadel
  • etw. zum Ausstopfen z.B Watte
  • evtl. Stoffreste
  • schwarzer Edding
  • Schere
  • Hasenschablone
Hase mit einer Schablone auf dem Filz 2x aufmalen und ausschneiden. Wenn noch etw. drauf genäht werden möchte, wie Knopfaugen oder Motive auf dem Bauch, wie im Bild, jetzt am besten  noch machen. Dann beide Hase übereinander legen und mit dem Nähgarn und Nadel den Kopf zusammennähen. Nähtechnik: immer von unten einstechen. Wenn der Kopf zusammengenäht, können Ohren und Kopf ausgestopft werden. Danach wird bis unten weitergenäht. Dann wird Körper ausgestopft und der letzte Teil zugenäht. Jetzt kann noch ein Gesicht aufgemalt werden und ein Bobbelschwanz mit Watte am Hintern aufgeklebt werden. Das war eine ideale Übung, um mit meiner 5-jährigen Tochter Nähen zu üben. Perfekt wäre hier natürlich eine Kinder Nähnadel zu verwenden. Wir hatten das gerade aber nicht parat und mit meiner Mithilfe ging’s dann auch so.

Ein paar Tage später hab ich diesen Hasen zum Kaufen entdeckt. Auch ein gutes Motiv zum selber Nähen. 😉
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Rezept der Woche

Hier ein Rezept, das unsere Woche soo versüßt hat. Das Gute, er ist ohne Zucker und ohne Weizen. Ein Nachtisch, der ohne Bedenken verzehrt werden kann.


für 4 Portionen:

• 2-4 Bananen (je reifer u. mehr desto süßer)
• Evtl. 1-2 TL Honig
• 100g Hirse
• 1l Milch
• 6 EL Kakaopulver
• 4 EL Mandeln (gemahlen)

Die Hirse mit heißem Wasser im Sieb ausspülen. Danach in einem Topf mit Milch, Kakaopulver sowie gemahlenen Mandeln verrühren, kurz aufkochen und bei kleiner Hitze ca. 40 min. aufquellen lassen. Bananen schälen und mit einer Gabel zerdrücken. Zermatschte Bananen zum Brei geben und umrühren. Voila, fertig! Wer möchte kann noch ein paar Bananenscheiben zum Verzieren nehmen (evtl. mit Zitronensaft beträufeln). Der Nachtisch kann warm, sowie kalt verzehrt werden. Nach einem Tag im Kühlschrank fand ich ihn persönlich am besten.

Was hat deine Woche versüßt?
Gerne hier posten 😉

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Plane und lass dich von Gott lenken…

Der Mensch plant seinen Weg, aber der Herr lenkt seine Schritte. Sprüche 16,9

Als Mutter habe ich gelernt wie wichtig es ist zu planen. Hier 10 Punkte, die mir durch jede Season helfen.

  1. Wöchentlich und Monatlich: Bilanz ziehen und Ziele festlegen. Zur Hilfe: Familienplaner, Wochenplan (Essen, To-Do, Termine), Einkaufsliste, Monatsplan/ Jahreszeitenplan (aktuell: Ostervorbereitung, Frühlingsdeko)
  2. Feste Tägliche/ wöchentliche Routinen wie z.B. regelmäßiges Bibellesen mit Bible App “youversion”, Sport/ Bewegung, Badetag, Putztag, Wäschetag, Wocheneinkauf
  3. Feste Essens- und Schlafzeiten, Morgen- und Abendrituale
  4. Balance zwischen “Qualitätszeiten” mit Ehemann, Kindern, Freunden, sich selbst
  5. gesunder Lifestyle: Bewegung, gesunde Ernährung, Soulnahrung/ gesunder Input, bewusste Auszeiten
  6. Wochenendroutine: Familienfilmabend, Pyjamatag, Ausschlafen, Brunch, Aktivität/Ausflug gemeinsam, Godi
  7. Im Haushalt u. beim Kochen möglichst Kinder integrieren
  8. regelmäßig Ordnung halten als ganze Familie, mit Kindern aufräumen, Sachen aussortieren, Kleider- und Spielboxen anlegen, unnötiges weitergeben
  9. Flexibel bleiben, auf Instinkt hören
  10. Pläne zu Gott bringen; dann mit Gott zusammen arbeiten, auf seine Ideen/ Instruktionem hören
  • Was hilft dir den Familienalltag gut zu LEBEN? Was versüßt dir den Tag oder die Woche? Was tust du zum Energie tanken?
  • Wenn dich etw. zu einem Thema mehr interessiert, bitte lass es mich unten in einem Kommentar oder einer persönlichen Nachricht wissen
  • Denk daran, nicht alles ist für jeden u. niemand ist besser als jmd. anderes, nicht vergleichen, sondern eher Anregungen holen u. schauen was zur eigenen Familie passt u. eigene Stärken entdecken. Analyse, an welchem Punkt stehe ich überhaupt?
  • Völliges Chaos? Nicht alles auf einmal verändern wollen, sondern sich eine Sache Schritt für Schritt nach dem eigenen Tempo vornehmen, nicht aufgeben, lösungsorientiert anstatt problemorientiert sein.

Last but not least: Da der Familienalltag trotz guter Planung oft mühsam ist, hilft es ihn mit Gottes Gnade zu bewältigen. Eine Möglichkeit diese zu empfangen ist durch positive Proklamation. Deswegen zum guten Schluss etw. zum proklamieren; für alle Frauen da draußen 🤗.

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Gute Dinge in der Krise

Bei allem Schlechten was das Corona-Virus mit sich bringt, bin ich trotzdem soo begeistert zu sehen wie doch auch in so einer Krise Gutes hier in Deutschland heranwachsen kann. Zumindest was hier in Sozialen Medien passiert, finde ich der Wahnsinn.

Das Gedicht von Kathleen O’Meara beschreibt es so schön, auch wenn es in einer ganz anderen Zeit in einem anderen Zusammenhang geschrieben wurde:

And people stayed home
and read books and listened
and rested and exercised
and made art and played
and learned new ways of being
and stopped
and listened deeper
someone meditated
someone prayed
someone danced
someone met their shadow
and people began to think differently
and people healed
and in the absence of people who lived in ignorant ways,
dangerous, meaningless and heartless,
even the earth began to heal
and when the danger ended
and people found each other
grieved for the dead people
and they made new choices
and dreamed of new visions
and created new ways of life
and healed the earth completely
just as they were healed themselves.

Ein paar Dinge, die z.B. für Kinder entwickelt wurden:

  • Kindergottesdienst, Sonntag 9:30 (nach erstem Anschauen mit meinen 3-u. 5-jährigen Töchtern, würde ich es eher älteren Kinder empfehlen):
  • “Hillsong Kids Germany online experience” ein weiterer KiGo, der unseren Kindern sehr gut gefallen hat u. ich für KiTa-Kinder geeignet finde:

Unser erstes Erlebnis: Meine 3-jährige Tochter nach 10 min: “Mama, ich hab gaanz viel gelernt.” Mama: “Ist es schon vorbei?” Tochter:”Aaah, Die fliegen noch, aber ich kann nicht mehr (aus der Puste).” 😅

Sport mit “Alba Berlin”
  • Creative Galaxy: Eine Fernsehsendung aus Cartoon für Kinder, die gleichzeitig Bastelideen beinhaltet. Nach jeder Sendung ist meine 5-jährige Tochter inspiriert und motiviert das Gelernte gleich praktisch umzusetzen. Ganz gut, da geht sie dann ganz freiwillig vom Fernsehen wieder weg. Läuft auf Amazon, aber man findet es auch auf YouTube (
Idee aus “Creative Galaxy”: Stofftier selbst nähen
Screenshot Google: Creative Galaxy

Last but not least, wenn du als Erwachsener dich gerade ziemlich überwältigt fühlst mit der ganzen Situation und vielleicht sogar Zukunftsängste hast, kann ich dir empfehlen z.B. Psalm 119 zu lesen und von Herzen zu beten. Das hat mich die letzten Tage echt erbaut. Außerdem gibts ermutigende Predigten von Elevation Church (auf Englisch) und Hillsong (auf Deutsch) – große Auswahl auf youtube.

Was hilft und ermutigt dich in dieser Zeit?

Unser Motto als Familie und Wunsch für euch: So viel wie möglich positiv und gesund bleiben.

Jeremia 29,11:

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Thanksgiving/ Erntedank

#Grapes from our balkony – #a big harvest – #good and healthy juice and gelee

In Germany we are celebrating „Thanksgiving“ today. So I feel inspired to write and share with you some impressions. If we would directly translate the German Word for „Thanksgiving“, „Erntedank“ into English, it would be „Harvestthanks“ or „thanking for the harvest“. In early days in Germany, most people were farmers and lived from their own harvest. The „Harvestthanks“ literally meant thanking God for all the harvested produce. Nowadays, since very few are farming, and most of us not, what is our “Harvestthanks”?

I’m today reflecting on all the things God has blessed me with.

I’m so grateful for the gift of  life.

When I look at my two wonderful daughters, I’m so amazed at how God has created them, how healthy, perfectly formed, no missing body parts… When I think about the way I look at my kids and marvel at them, I am reminded on how God our heavenly Father, the creator of our flesh and bones is looking at us and celebrating His perfect Work of creation.

Then I can really meditate on that scripture in Zephaniah 3:17 „the Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.“

How often are we discontent with ourselves? How often do we rather feel stuck with our human flaws than see the many little things that are actually good? God who created us, rejoices over us His creation. He knows the real value of what he has created.

My little daughters have no idea yet how precious they are to me, and they might never realise why I can simply look at them and rejoice over their lives (even with their excesses). I think that this is how it is with our own lives. We have no idea how much value we actually have before GOD, the Almighty, the Sovereign, and ever Faithful.

The same with the things that God has blessed us with. Do we really know and see the value of it? How often do we compare ourselves with others in terms of what they have and we don’t? Let’s look at our own lives today and take stock of what we actually have?

Maybe the working place comes with a lot of stress and imperfections, but it has helped to pay the bills last year?

Maybe the apartment you are living in is not the dream house you have in mind, but you have an address to retire to with a roof over your head; a protection from all kinds of weather.

Maybe you have problems or conflicts in your family but atleast you have people around you that you can share life with and who form you?

Maybe you don’t swim in money but atleast you have to eat, drink and to dress everyday.

I think a lot of times we tend to evaluate our lives too critically and as a result miss out on the precious moments making up our daily activities. So why not take today and think about the things that you can be grateful for, reflect on those things that you have planted this year where you can already see some progress or even a full harvest?

And please remember it’s not about perfection!

Especially not in the way we see and evaluate perfection. It can really help to see things in God’s eyes. God, the only one who is perfect.

„For with you (God) is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.“ Psalm 36:9

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I’m deeply shocked about the horrible news about Nigerians all over the world and especially right now in South-Africa. How can IT be that a whole people Group is persecuted just because of some bad people of the country? Isn’t it that every country has good and bad people? Why are Nigerians mostly known for the bad, the crimes and we don’t hear so much of the good they do and produce? I wish there is a day to come when Nigerians will be known for who they really are. I pray, that the inheritance that Nigeria has will come out for good. When I came to Nigeria the first time in 2012 for three months, God spoke to me: “See these great people that I have created, see the inheritance I have given to them, see the great gifts and talents I put in them. Unfortunately they are not known for this in the world. There is a cloud right now above this country that covers the good deeds. But I want them to shine and go into all the nations and be known for who they really are: the arts, music, dance, rhytm, academics, Stage performance.”

Emmanuel and me

Through my Nigerian husband I’ve gotten to know many amazing Nigerians. First of all with my husband I could have not found a better match. He is such a wise man with all time a good advice, encouraging word and He is so helpful. I really like his personality and I can learn so much from him. He is Not a Matcho as many people think in general about african men. He likes to do the dishes, cooks well and helps me in the household. He didn’t mind to stay at home to take care of the kids when I was working full-time and He did such a great job even with their dressing and their hair. He always wants the best for me and encourages me to go out to grow in my calling. I have met through my husband also other nigerian men who respect women and help in the kitchen, household and the kids when they come for visit as I have not seen it from any other people group. My husband even sets an example for his football colleagues when he goes for football camps and washes his boots and clothes, puts the things in order, airs the shoes and clothes at the right spot that the rooms wouldn’t smell and cooks delicous meals for everybody. Besides that I’ve met a lot of Nigerians who are one of the best in their academics and bring a special flavor into the group because they think outside of the box. So, as you can see there are a lot of positive things I can mention about Nigerians. And it pains me to see when Nigerians are not entrusted and even persecuted because of some people who do bad things. Some might even not be Nigerians but use the nationality to hide their own. So please stop persecuting Nigerians, stop your prejudices against any people group on this planet. And I want to encourage all Nigerians to take heart and press into till it gets better. Let’s pray for Nigeria and all Nigerians who suffer right now persecution or who have lost one of their loved ones.