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My Work/ Ministry


My passion is to write about daily topics that concern me as a woman, wife, mum and christian. I love to encourage others with my writing and to help to make progress in life.

I’m also opened to write on other blogs or in magazines or to even advertise products if they suit my profile. So please don’t hesitate to contact me.


As a social-worker and missionary I had several opportunities to speak in small-groups, discipleship schools, churches and seminaries.

If you want to invite me to speak contact me below. I would love to enrich your gathering with my cross-cultural and bliblical worldview.


There is barely anything we have not experienced in this life: financial challenges, sickness, depression, frustration, rejection, racism. But also the opposite: provision, recognition, miracles, healing. We believe Jesus is and has the answer to every problem.

If you need s.o. to process and pray with, myself and my husband will be glad to hear from you.


I’m a german woman, married to a nigerian man and I’m a mother of two girls and one boy. I’m a social worker by profession. I’ve been leading a Christian youth House, worked in a Training Center for Young mothers and recently worked for the government in a Refugee Home. My husband and I both met in the Missions field, working with Ywam. We have discipleship on our heart and practiced it for several years. We believe the Lord has equipped us with a bunch of life experience that we want to share. We are very much interested in the topic of making progress in life. So feel free to reach out to us.


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